September’s birth stone, Sapphire, is a stone consistently associated with wisdom.  It comes in all colors naturally, and each color is associated with different beneficial properties.  For instance, the traditional blue is said to aid in learning and mental acuity, give protection from ill-wishing and many diseases, and assist in wisdom in judgment.

The orange Sapphire is associated with the wisdom of creation and unites the wearer’s creativity, sensuality and spirituality; it is known as the stone for artists, singers, and writers.  The green Sapphire is associated with the wisdom of integrity, and encourages compassion for others as well as stimulating the wearer’s vision. These are just a few examples of the spectrum of the stone and its meanings.

Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, which naturally forms in all colors, although it is most well known in blue.  With the exception of red Corundum, which is Ruby, all other colors of Corundum are Sapphires.  A beautiful variation is the Star Sapphire.  It is created when Corundum forms with fibrous inclusions of Rutile that reflect the light as a six-rayed or twelve-rayed star which appears to move across the face of the gem from different views.

The piece pictured here by Susan Marie Phipps is 14kt yellow and white gold with Sapphires in a variety of colors.  This piece shows not only the large spectrum of color that Sapphires come in, but also the clarity and brilliance that you can get from the finest quality, well cut Sapphires.